whatever you’re in to, wherever you are.

Our Value Proposition Is Community

Hub is a widget that connects library patrons to local community organizations specializing in the subject they’ve searched for. Organizations opt-in to a listing and appear in results when a patron searches for a subject they specialize in. Patrons can connect with real life resources alongside books and other media. i.e. a search for “gardening” returns results including books, dvds, and a listing featuring contact information for a nearby community garden.

Our Funding Model Is Sustainable

To start, we need $100K to make this real. This project can be done in 10 weeks with a project manager, a project co-ordinater, and some developers. The HUB falls under the mandate of a number of government agencies and NGOs and we would look to them for funding. Just in case we fall short of our funding goal, we can move to a gradiated funding model where participating libraries will pay a fee for the service based on their population served. This fee would drop by 45% in the third year. Any funding beyond our costs would go back into making our service more awesome.

Our Demo Really Works

This mockup shows just the basic product we'd be able to ship after the first development cycle. The HUB team has enough ideas for features to build and partners to integrate that we could keep working on this as long as there's funding. Our code is open source if you want to tweak it for yourself. Take a look!

Demo GitHub